THE BERNESE BREEDERS ASSOCIATION OF GREAT BRITAIN (BBA) was founded by a group of Bernese breeders and enthusiasts in 1983 in response to an increasing demand for information about Bernese Mountain Dogs. The Association’s aims are to collect and disseminate information to help breeders, owners, potential owners and all those who seek to widen their knowledge and understand and enjoy this beautiful breed; to encourage breeders to aim for sound temperament, physical health and to maintain breed type when planning litters; and to promote responsible ownership and give aid when requested for the benefit and preservation of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

THE BBA INFORMATION SERVICE endeavours to provide information and advice on all topics associated with Bernese Mountain Dogs and also a variety of other canine related subjects. If we are unable to help you, we can almost certainly put you in touch with someone who can! Our Bernese Information Packs are in constant demand by those considering owning a Bernese and are provided free upon request. Our range of Bernese related booklets ands other publications are sensibly priced to be within everyone’s budget.

The BBA established BERNESE WELFARE in 1986 to help unwanted Bernese and to give aid to owners going through difficulties. BERNESE WELFARE’S RESCUE and REHOMING SERVICE takes in Bernese from anywhere in Great Britain and then fully assesses each dog within an experienced FOSTER HOME environment (NOT kennel accommodation) before placing them with compatible, carefully selected families. The number of unwanted Bernese Mountain dogs has increased each year and BERNESE WELFARE is one of the busiest rescue organisations providing care for rejected Bernese.

When rehoming rescued Bernese we ask the new `owners’ or ‘adopters’ for a donation, but the enormous overhead costs involved for food, veterinary fees, telephone calls, petrol etc. are almost entirely privately funded by just a few individual supporters. BERNESE WELFARE receives NO funding from any of the Bernese clubs. Therefore, donations of any sort, money, food, blankets, beds, bowls, leads and collars or anything that could be sold to raise funds, are always gratefully received. We undertake to rehabilitate if necessary, and then try to rehome ALL Bernese we take in unless any dog has an aggressive or unstable temperament, or is suffering from a serious or untreatable health problem.

Hon. Secretary. Jude Simonds. 31 Broom Street, Great Cornard, Sudbury, Suffolk. CO10 0JT
Tel; THE BERNESE HELPLINE 01787 371930 or e.mail bernerinfo@aol.com