Celebrating our Berner Veterans

In Loving Memory of


CH Lorien Dell's Cinderella Moments, CGC

November 7th 2002 to April 8th 2016

Owned, so much loved and greatly missed by Karen Alexander

Cindy is a free spirited dog. Her accomplishments as a Champion, CGC and a Therapy Dog show she is beautiful and smart! Most importantly, she is my Service Dog. I have PTSD and Cindy can read me like a book. She loves working for me. When I need her, she is there for me. There will never be another Cindy. I will grieve for her when she is gone, until then, we are as one.

Happy 12th Birthday!

Happy 13th Birthday!

We made it! My Cindy is 13 today. CH Lorien Dell's Cinderella Moments CGC and former therapy dog, is still going strong. The Vet says she is in good health and her personality is still uniquely hers. She is my BMD with an attitude. I never know if she is going to bite my fingers when I give her a treat or not. She knows what she is doing and keeps me on my toes. Sometimes, Cindy is just pure evil and I've always loved this about her. Cindy is a paper addict. Sometimes she eats her prize yet other times she will bring her prize to me. This is one big and exciting game to her. I think life has always been one big and exciting game to her. She's getting hard of hearing and is becoming feeble. I know this can't be helped. She is now retired as my Service Dog but she still gets me through rough spots and is my ever present shadow. I know I don't have much more time with her and am taking care to spend as much time as I can with my old lady. I truly love this dog and will miss her when she crosses over the bridge.

Happy Birthday Cindy!

Karen Alexander

Cindy snarls for her Alpenhorn photo 2015

Cindy admiring my Mardi Gras cake, February 2015

This was taken of us last week

April 8th 2016 - Dear BMD and My Other Dog Loving Friends,

I let Cindy cross over the Rainbow bridge this afternoon. She was just worn out and couldn't walk without my help. She had an embolism in her back three years ago effecting her hind legs and the Vet told me then she would recover in six weeks or not. She recovered but walked very differently afterwards. I started calling her my old lady because of her funny slow walk. When I helped her out of bed Sunday morning, I knew then something bad had happened. The Vet told me they were already doing everything for her and maybe in time, this might also improve. No, it only got worse and by last night she wasn't able to use her hind legs at all. I made arrangements with my Vet to have ready everything they needed to take all the sample the U of MI wanted for the health study. They were slow but sure and everything was accomplished. It was such a pretty spring day here I asked if the Vet could come to the house but his schedule wouldn't allow for it. The office manager suggested she just stay in the van parked in the shade. Perfect! Where else would a fun loving girl like to meet her maker but in a van listening to birds chirping, the doors open and a feeling a gentle breeze upon her? She was alert, still eating and drinking while we waited. Everything was just like it was supposed to be. As my Service Dog for a decade, Cindy saved my life twice. We added a little extra training to her 'almost' perfect BMD personality and she was this Veteran's best PTSD medicine.

Thanks Lynn Wood for making Cindy. Thanks Sara Karl for introducing me to Lynn. Thank you Shelly Walker for introducing me to Sara. Thanks Berner - L and BMDCA folks for sharing so much information over the years. I have my Vet tricked into thinking I AM a breed expert! One of these days, I'm going to let the cat out of the bag.

Another angel pin for another angel dog to add to my collection of six. The heart ache is worth it because of the truly unconditional love my dogs have all given me throughout these wonderful friendships. Little three year old Lola is without another dog for the first time in her life. This should get interesting. We are going to get through this together.

Heads up Sherman, here she comes. Guard the food!

Karen Alexander
Pensacola, Florida

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