Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Happy 7th Birthday, Barney!

Bernese Mopuntain Dog, Barney, is 7!!!

"OK, Barn, it's your 7th birthday, we have the party hats on, what do you want to do?"

Bernese, Jean and party hats!

"Well, Sunny has to have party hat too!

Berner, Barney, and Pipsqueak

"Hah! Even Pip has come to say Hello!"

Cassie with Bernese Barney and Sunny

"And then a very special treat!

My ex-Mum, Cassie came over for the day."

Though this is against most Rescue Rules for us this has worked so well, we have been able to maintain contact and have become good friends.

Cassie comes to visit a lot and will be here to stay and look after the Gang when I go to the Gettysburg Specialty in May and today has had crash course in getting the goats in and out.!

Birthday Berner, Barney

"Today, I am Seven!

We had a great walk, lots of good food and fun!

A Wonderful Birthday!"

Cassie, Pip, Barney and Sunny.

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