Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Simmy and the New Born lamb

This wee lamb was born yesterday, 23rd May, and all seemed well, one of twins!

Today, Mum has totally rejected the lamb and it was getting seriously dehydrated. have brought it down to hand feed.

Thankfully, have another carer to help out here!:-)

Bernese Simmy and the Lamb

Sim gives good licks and says

"I know you are missing your Mom but I will look out for you"

Bernese Simmy and the Lamb

"Hey, Jean! Little guy says he is hungry again!
Go and warm up that next bottle feed!"

Will keep you all in touch with the wee one's progress here!

30th May '04 and one week later.

{short description of image}

"It's OK, Simmy" says James "I am taking good care of your Baby!

{short description of image}

LOL! Trying to pose for pic. with all the dogs and wee lamb is not easy!

And it poured with rain a while ago!

But wee lamb a week later is doing very well, has doubled in size and today has been named


Because he has spent the entire afternoon attempting to suckle on us all and finally made his first try at nibbling on the grass! More Tails to come here as I try to get this boy back in with the other sheep.

At the moment I think he thinks he is a BMD Pup missing the markings!:-)

With such great sadness, in October we were to lose our beloved Gentle Giant, Simmy to Malignant Histiocytosis shortly after his 5th birthday

*RIP Simmy*

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