Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sunny, Sim and Barney

Simmy is Four!
29th August 2003

Bernese Sim is Four!

"Oh, No! Was my 4th Birthday Party!

I was supposed to be all cool and mature now!

We went out for a great long walk today and the Heavens opened and we all got very wet and then came back and put on party hats and had a great dinner but the barbacue and party had to be cancelled,

And somewhere I am now crashed out on the Guest Bed and I've wrecked it!

Ooh! Who is sleeping here tonight?

Well, guess I won't be in too big trouble! Is it still my Birthday!

Am I a Big Boy Now?"

Birthday Bernese
Thanks, Dingo and Willem! Zzzzzzzzzz!!

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