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Sunny is Doing Fine!

Although diagnosed with Spondylosis

(Spondylosis is a common bony condition which affects the spine of many older dogs and cats.)

From last few weeks or so we had problems, Bernese, Sunny, had an attack of reverse sneezing, then presented a problem with her spine! And then big abcess re. back tooth that was extracted!

X-rays taken when she originally hurt her back show early stages of Spondylosis,
at the moment she has to rest as much as possible.

Today, Sunny was laid back but so happy to see her Pals!

Bernese Sunny is doing great despite her diagnosis of Spondylosis
Front Barney - L and Simmy - R; on the chaise. Henry - L and James - R

Sweet Sunny Girl at the back has got up from her cushions to pose!

3th May 2003 Sunny is doing great!

We saw the vet a few days ago and have the all clear to increase her exercise again, the spinal injury is healed and the big hole where the back tooth came out has filled up beautifully.

Yes, my eight and a half year old Berner Lady has early stages of Spondylosis.
Have to try and persuade my Girl that she is no longer a bouncy puppy, no more madcap chasing around but lots of controlled exercise and she will be just fine.

She has been on supplements prescribed by Marina Zacharias the last few weeks

Rx Vitamins Arth-9:
with Vit.C, calcium, copper, zinc, glucosamine sulfate, bromelaine, boswelin, circumin and chondroitin sulfate
Seven Forests Drynaria 12
Seven Forests Liquidambar 15

and Essiac Tea

She was having Bioprin for pain relief, thankfully not needed now.

I have also reduced her red meat intake and added lots of oily fish to her diet, she is looking wonderful!

Today was her longest walk since the initial back injury, a good brisk walk down to the farm and back of around a mile and a half. So happy to be out and about again, she was stepping out so proudly and moving beautifully.

Sunny shows her back, what me Spondylosis?

See my back?

Looking pretty good for a girl with Spondylosis!

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