Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Happy Birthday Barney!

13th April 2003
and Berner Boy Barney is Five today.

Berner Barney is five today
Happy Birthday Barney!

Barney all dressed up in Mardi Gras finery, better late than never!
The beads and masks came from Karen Alexander - all the way from Florida!

We're going to party!

Bernese Mountain Dogs Sunny and Barney in party finery.
"Hey, Barney! This is fun!" says Sunny."

Barney and Bernese Party Pooper, Simmy.
"Can't I have some grub without wearing that mask?" says Simmy.

Bernese Mountain Dogs, party!
"Honest!, Jean! it keeps falling off!"

Bernese Birthday!
"OK! Where's the grub???"

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