Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sunny, Simmy & Barney

Bernese and Daffodils!

Bernese Mountain Dogs and Daffodils
Clockwise, Bernese Mountain Dogs Sim, Barney and Sunny!

Hmm! Well there were a lot more daffodils not so long ago!

Sim and Sunny are posing, Barney is crowing! He just trashed most of them!
Either stampeding up and down the bank or eating them!

Do not fret here, my first ever Berner Tinka lived to almost fourteen, the daffodils would open, next day they were gone! She even ate a giant poinsietta one Christmas and they are supposed to be highly poisonous!

Anyone ever heard of a Berner line crossed with a goat?
Tinks and Barney belong to it!!!

Load more wild daffodils opening up in the woods, will try for another picture.
Do not be surprised if it features only Sunny and Sim!

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