Birthday Berner Girl, Sunny!

October 2nd 2002 and my Sweet Sunny Girl, Little Hidden Sunrise, just eight years young!

"Hhh!" says Sunny, "Have to wait 'til Sunday the 6th for the party!"

Birthday Bernese Sunny at the Gate!

"Well, a few people have arrived already and I've got this pink thing round my neck.
But what's going on down at the gate now?"

"Leo has arrived on his scooter!"

Birthday Berner Surprise!

"Now, what's this coming up the drive?"

Horse and Trap!

"Blimey! It's Spark come to say Hello.
And Kim driving, and what are James and Wills doing in the back of the cart?
Last I saw them they were climbing the cherry tree!"

Birthday Berenese Mountain Dog Sunny and Friends

"Special Birthday Surprise, Sunny!
We sneaked out and Spark and Kim picked us up down the road!"

(James is still posing in that baseball cap <click here for more>

Barney and Sim, BMD's arrive at the gate

"Wow! This is fun! Woof, woof!" says Barney and Sim.

Spike came too!

"And yes, Sunny! Spike has come to say Hello too!"

Happy Birthday Berner Girl

"Hey, Kelvin and Royce! Great Belated Birthday Party!
But where's Amber and Bo? Next weekend, OK"

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