Birthday Surprise!!!

Happy Birthday Berners

28th of August 2002 and today is Monster Pup, Simmy's 3rd Birthday!

Postman arrives at mid-day, big white box!

Well, I teased! Big white box sitting down the drive quarter of a mile or so, all the dogs were woofing!! We will collect when it's cooler! We had wonderful walk up in the woods and then set off to collect the mail!

Picture me coming back up the drive, three BMD's on the leash, through a field of heavily pregnant cows who are all taking an interest too! Dogs a sniffing, what's in there? Lots of Doggie treats! Simmy's Bithday!

From Willem in the Netherlands says the postmark!

Safely home, cows the other side of the gate, and I start to unwrap!

Now the dogs are all going Sniff, Sniff , Sniff!

Cannot tell you just how overwhelmed I am with this surprise gift! A present for me!

Willem had sent me portrait he has painted, in conspiracy with Angel Lady Karen, of my Big Boy Sam!

My mail to Willem and Karen tonight!

> Karen and I we both wish that we were there when you open the packet to have a look on your face,because the first reaction will tell the painter if he have captured the right things, but that was not possiblel.

Oh, I wish too I could send you a pic of my face and the dogs!! I had come back the 1/4 mile up the drive with the box and the three dogs all attempting to sniff 'cause it was Simmy's birthday and maybe was box of doggie treats. Set it down on the table and started to unwrap and they were all going Sniff, Sniff, Sniff, so hard. I was thinking Jumbo bones, pigs ears, fluffy toys? And then I found the card on top with Sam's picture and I have to tell you this is my favourite pic ever of Sam because he had just just come back from chemo and was so proud of that bandage on his leg! And yes, tears came to my eyes. And then I uncovered your portrait of Sam, I was just so overwhelmed. You have captured all his bravery and courage and his sense of fun too and he was always such a poser! And have set him in such beautiful surrroundings! Well, you can imagine! This was the best surprise present I ever had! All the dogs, after sniffing around the rest of the packing, just in case, joined me in the moment! Sunny was very serious, she loved her big brother. Sim was proud! He has followed in Sam's pawprints. Barney was curious, he has heard so much about Sam and reminds me of him so much! Have attached a pic I just took, hard to capture that moment, but have set the portrait for the moment on my table in the dining room. Pic on the left is your photo, Karen, Britt in the Snow, you sent me! She has come out so ghostly, watching over! Sam's portrait came out fine! As for Simbo and the Birthday Present. He says "Thank You, Willem, it is awesomel. You have made Jean so happy!"

{short description of image}
Always in our hearts, Mr Rainbow Sam.

Simmy,and Present!

It's OK, Sam, not jealous you usurped my Birthday!
I got a big Jumbone from Jean! What's left of it!!

RIP Sam and Britt!

Here's Britt and Sam!

A Very Special Birthday!

Eaten my Jumbone, where's the party!

Last morsels of the Jumbone!

Jean's Sam

My Big Boy Sam!

More of Willem's paintings <click here>

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