Bernese Mountain Dogs
Are Very, Very Good Dogs!

The Sit and Wait for the OK Command!
- before nose down in the food bowl.
Can be very difficult to obey at certain times!

Bernese Mountain Dog faces extreme feline provocation!

"Jean!!!..... Pip's eating all my minced beef!"

Berners Sunny and Barney show restraint.

"OK Jean! We're still Waiting too!"

"Tee, Hee!" says Sunny, "Our picture was a cheat!"
"Pip the Cat fled the moment the 1st flash went off and we all dived in!
Don't worry, Sim! Jean will give you extra! Pip had all my tuna the other day and we didn't even get a picture!"

Couldn't believe my luck today in having the camera handy. I'd actually brought it out to get a very different picture. We have had great fun and games as some idiot had been in my back meadow and left the top gate open and yesterday my sheep and ponies had all got out into the woods above. Got them back apart from Ella, one of my ewes, who was nowhere to be found! Sunny, Sim, Barney and I searched high and low last evening but had to give up as it was getting dark. This morning we found her and brought her down to join the rest of the Gang.

Yes, my Bernese Mountain Dogs have been very good dogs today! They are stars! Treats all round!

Now Sit, Wait, OK! Good Dogs!!!

Good Dogs and the Gang!

"Yes, we found them! All our sheep and ponies are home again!"

Such very god dogs!

"OK Jean! Where's those extra treats we were promised?"

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