Almost Bernese Mountain Dog Carting!
Sunny Sunday Afternoon, 28th July 2002

It is now just over eight weeks since Barney joined our Gang. He is a very happy boy and has settled in so well! Today friends came to visit and first time that James and Henry have met him.

Barney, BMD, and cart?

"Hey, guys! What are you doing with that cart?
I'm the one supposed to be pulling that!"

Henry and Berner Barney

"Well, it's like this Barney. Jean bought that cart for Samson and then he got very sick with cancer and died and he never got to pull it! Me and James have played with it a lot since but we would sure like to see you have a go!"

Bernese Sunny and Simmy, with James and Henry!

"Yes!" says Sunny, "Let's go for it!"
Simmy is not so sure!

Big Baby Simmy, BMD

"Oh, Jean!" says Simbo, "Are you really gonna make me pull that cart too?"

Summer afternoon with Bernese Mountain Dogs

Not today, Sim! We are all relaxing in the shade!

Been a hot summer's day & we are all chilling out!

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