Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

28th June 2002

Barney, one month later!

How time flies!

Yes, it's just four weeks since we collected Barney, and how quickly that time has gone by.

He has settled in so well and has made himself thoroughly at home.

Barney, BMD, finds a shady spot.

Barney's favourite spot in the shade with his favourite toys.

Berner Guard!

Master of all he surveys!

Trio of Bernese!

Oh, Oh! Are The Terrible Trio trying to tell me something?
(Front- Simbo, Rear- Sunny L, Barney R)

Bernese Mountain Dogs love to walk!

Yes, it's time for the morning walk!
(L-R, Sim, Sunny, Barney)

Nearly home!

Come on Jean! Let's get home!

We've had a good chase around in those woods and you know what time it is now?
(L-R Barney, Sim and Sunny)

BMD feeding time.

(L-R Sim, Sunny, Barney)

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