Lots of Bernese Mountain Dogs.
Amber and Bo come to visit.

Count the BMD's

How many Bernese Mountain Dogs can you spot here?
Not including the ones on Kelvin's and Royce's T-shirts!

Count the Berners.

And how many Bernese in this picture?

Sunny and Bo are sitting nicely with Kelvin, Sim is on the prowl, and Amber is hiding from view again beside Royce. Yes, four in both pics!

Amber, Bernese Mountain Dog.

But here she is, the gorgeous Amber.
She and Bo belong to Kelvin and Royce who live nearby in Hereford.

Berners confer.

"What on earth is Kelvin up to?" say Simmy, Sunny and Bo,
"Has he got something on his shoe or is he doing a dance?"

Sunny and Bo confer.

"Well, Bo," says Sunny, "It's really good to see you again!
You must all come over more often!"

Simbo's bone

Visit over and Simmy goes back to his bone!

And Sunny to hers!

And Sunny to hers!

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