Bernese Mountain Dog
shows great heart!

Simmy has a great heart!

Simmy really does have the greatest heart of all!

Good Friday 2002, have been so overwhelmed by your responses to seeing the above pic, I have been inspired to add in some of the comments I received:

You are SOOOO bad! I love that photo!! Pat

Poor Simmy. Shame on you!! :) -- Regards, Kevin.

This is too funny , LOL !! Laurie

Great photo!!! Maria

LOLROF!!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY!!! What a perfect HEART!! LOL!!!! that's a good one Jean, you might be thinking to enter it in the National Photo contest....just not sure what catagory that would fall under!! Ha! Ha!! EXCELLENT SHOT!!! ;-))) Simmy has two big hearts! heehee......Karen, Angel & Amika.

Ummm, wearing my "judges hat" I'd say it was slightly more than the "few white hairs" allowed in the Breed Standard but: I thought it very funny anyway! And.....I know exactly who he inherited it from!! Lorraine and Ollie, (Simmy's Sire).

Oh my gosh I'm still laughing about Simmy's Heart that was the best picture I've seen in a long time. Hugs Shirley & Fuzz

That is really a great picture of Simmy. How did you ever manage to get that. I am still laughing. Take care. Amber and Jasmine (lymphoma)

WONDERFUL(picture) .....Dino

This is just TOO funny.....ROFL!!!!!! It was not a bit what I was expecting either!!!! At least it was clean & I must say very symmetrical.....LOL. The things we do for our dogs.....LOL. Best Wishes Jill & Yogi

(STOP pointing that camera at MY bum now, Mum!!!)

heart take 2

Many thanks to you all for responding here, Simmy's rear end is classic!

And so hard to take a pic when he usually turns full front and poses and that tail never stops wagging!

Finally, got him!!!!!

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