Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bonfire Night Party!

Saturday, November 3rd '01

Mar, what's that on your head!

Hi Mar! What's that funny thing on your head?

Oh, my God! Jean's got something on her head too!

Oh, No! Jean's got a net on her head too!

{short description of image}

Oh, Xania! You look like a little Russian Princess!
I like your hat best!
Let's go and join the fun!

Leo does a fire dance!

Leo is Fire Juggling!

Wow, Leo!

Wow, Leo! That's Cool!

James, starts the BreakDance!

James is BreakDancing!

Cool James!

Hey, that's really cool James!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are not sure about hats!

The bonfire was great! The fireworks were great!
But what was with the hats!
Jean finished up the end of the evening with an orange mound on her head!

Hey, we had a great party!

simmy and the snake

Everyone else has gone to bed!

Guess I'll just cuddle my snake!

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