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Bernese Mountain Dog Spoilt for Choice.

Oh, we had the most amazing parcel arrive from Michaela and my Bernese Mountain Dog pal, Harvo. New squeaky toy and these huge chews. They've just come back from holiday and guess they feel sorry for us 'cause Jean doesn't take us anywhere! Hmm, Harvo gets to go to Swiss Land and places. Most we get at the moment is a trip to Tesco car park, and then we have to walk over a disinfected mat when we get back 'cause of this Foot and Mouth Thingy!.

Well, guess it's an early birthday present for me, 'cause guess what? I'm two on Wednesday, 29th August 2001, hint, hint!!

Sunny is a Happy Bernese Mountain Dog too.

Never takes us anywhere? Blimey, I'm knackered!

We've just come back from romp round the woods and Jean was checking all the fences before she moved the sheep and the ponies, so we've been around every boundary of every field and all round the very top of the woods, and that's a long way! Then we've been all the way down the drive three times, once to get the post, then to do the disinfectant and then to put the rubbish out and Simmy was chasing me all around the fields 'cause he's frisky today. That's at least eight miles we've done so far and it's only 2.00 pm.

Thank you Aunty Michaela and Harvo for our presents!

I've softened up the end of my chew but I think I need a bit of a nap before I do any more. Thankfully, Simmy has taken the squeaky toy outside. It's OK for these young uns but I'm gonna be seven on October 2nd and have a lot of responsibilties.

Aunty Michaela and Harvo also sent this beautiful cushion too which is supposed to be for Jean but the moment she got the camera out Pipsqueak the cat went and sat on it, so you couldn't see it. Jean tried to get her to pose by the side but Pip's in one of those moods. Tee, Hee! Maybe tomorrow.

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