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Happy 11th Birthday, Sunny

October 2nd 2005

Bernese Mountain Sog, Sunny, is 11

Today, my beautiful Bernese Mountain Dag, Sunny, is 11yrs old!!!

I had bought these fantasy collars way back in May whilst in the US for the BMDCA Specialty in Gettysburg with plans for Sunny and Barney to wear them for her birthday party.

Sadly shortly after my return to Longlease here in the UK Sunny became very ill and was diagnosed with cancer and we feared to lose her, even gave her a special party so she and Barney would have a chance to wear them, have fun and pose for some pics as they love to do.

Pre-Birthday Party Pics
<click here>

Against all odds my girl has battled through and I was so proud to take this picture of her today wearing both collars. Barney didn't even mind that he didn't get in the picture, this is Sunny's Very Special Day!!!!!

We have not had a party today as we have a very busy week ahead but we did a good walk and stopped by all our neighbours who were so pleased to see her looking so good and lots of special treats.

On Tuesday we go to collect our new Longlease Puppy, this is LittleHidden Bluetit, Sunny's Great/Great/Niece and Sue, her breeder, is so looking forward to seeing Sunny again who she last saw as wee pup when we went to collect her all those years ago.

This is truly a Miracle Day!!!

On Sunday evening we received these pics from our good friend "Angel Lady" Karen Connors. We have shared both the good times and the bad over the last seven years through email and phone calls and it was so wonderful when we finally met in Gettysburg for proper hugs.

LOL Karen's surprise! She too had bought some fantasy collars at the Speciality for Angel and Amika to share this very special day with us over Cyberspace.

{short description of image}

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!..................
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!..................


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!..................

{short description of image}

"Hope your marrowbone birthday treat is as tasty as this one!"

Special thanks to Karen and all of you who have been such good friends.

Without your support this Magical Day would not have happened.

Way to go, Sunny, you have a new pup to train up in two days time!!!!!!

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