Samson's Story

25th May 1993 to September 30th 1999
B-G Dog ID = 18963

More early pics of Sam with so many happy memories

Our first visit!

Tinka meets Samson for the first time!

"Home at last and I have a new Mom!"

"Hello, Jack! Jean says you live mext door and are frightened of dogs. Don't be frightened of me!"
(Jack since went on to get his own dog, Jackson, a Labrador who lived to 14 yrs)

Such a good, sweet puppy!

Or not!

Regents Park aged 6 mths,
the leaves have been falling and is spectacular Autumn!

"Grrr! Where did that duck go? All these leaves, I didn't realise I chased you into the lake!"

"I didn't catch the duck but I learned to swim the hard way!"

We are on the move from London to Longlease on the the Welsh Borders,
Tinka L, Jean and Pru Cat C, Samson R.

"I have a new sister, Sunny!"

"Here I am on my way up to our walk in the woods!"

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