Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Rainy Day at Longlease

BMDs Sunnie and Pixie

"Still raining out there but at least when I stay by the flap I can nip out for a quick pee if it ever stops.
Jean says I am very good on this House Training stuff!"

{short description of image}

"Oooh, much better now. Might as well take a nap on Jean's foot.

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"Now where did Pipsqueak come from
And how come she is all dry and clean and I am still damp and muddy!"

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"Oooh Oooh! Sooty Cat just came in with a vole and let it escape.
Guess Aunty Sunny will take care of this one!"

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"And our friend, Charles just came to visit.
He is a gardener so does not like this weather too much either

But raining or not we still have fun!"

Night Night

"Bedtime now and dreaming that the sun is shining!"

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