Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Pup, Pixie's, First Day

Yes, LittleHidden Bluetit, has revealed her secret name.

She has been exploring the garden all morning and kept popping up in the most unexpected places as if by magic!

Jean, Bernese Barney and Sunny and Berner Pup, Pixie.

Barney, Sunny, Jean and Pixie Pup

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"I get to meet a cat at last, what's your name?"

Bernese Puppy, Pixie and Pipsqueak

"Where did she go? Come back, I won't hurt you, I just want to play"

Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy and Snake

"Look, Barney, I just killed my first rattlesnake!"

Berner Barney and Pixie Pup

"Well done, wee Pixie Pup, you are a very clever girl!"

BMD Barney and Pixie Pup

"Now , Pixie, it's time for a nap. Young pups need to sleep and grow and you've worn me out too!"

This beautiful poem from Chris and Herb Baker in celebration of our new Berner Pup.

" Pixie "

If you're very lucky you might see
A pixie or two or three
Rarely they venture into sight
Just have to be very, very, quiet

Mischievous, creative and bright
And never ever seen in the limelight
Work is done when no ones there
Spreading stardust everywhere

Was that a rustle over there?
No! No! you must not stare
Most cannot see, don't know the way
To get a pixie to come out and play

Sensitive and generous and kind
And rare in this world to find
You're lucky in a lifetime to see
A gentle pixie, running wild and free.

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