Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Our New Longlease Berner Pup

LittleHidden Bluetit

October 4th 2005 and off to Hungerford with Sunny to collect her Great/Great/Niece and bring her home,
a new Berner Puppy for Longlease.

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"Hello, Wee One!!
"Is it true you are my Great/Great/Niece?
Makes me feel very old!"

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"OK, you smell like one of the family, I believe it!"

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"So good to see you and Sunny again 11 years later and see she is doing so well!
I know this Baby is going to a good home, is hard to let go but I know you will care for this wee pup so well too"
says Sue.

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"God Bless, wee LittleHidden Bluetit.
I know we will see you again one day too"

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"This girl goes home with you with our Blessing!"

"Stop being sentimental, Jean," says Sunny,
"Get in the van and let us get the pup home, Barney and the Gang are waiting to meet her too!"

*Puppy's First Day at Longlease*

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