Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Barney and the Flap!

June 22nd 2007

What a bad start to the day, I was woken up early and could hear Barney crying and thought the very worst!

Well, was nothing like I was expecting!

When I got to the kitchen back door he was stuck half in and out of the flap in the back door!

In the last five years Barney has been with us as Rescue he has never tried the flap, my Berners who grow up here as pups have used it from the first and managed the trick of getting in and out no problems, this was a first for Barney!

And he got stuck in a big way, couldn't get out or back in!

Somehow he had managed to scrabble with the one paw outside, loosen the bottom end of the flap outside and had made it even worse as he had head and one leg out and one leg trapped between .

Thankfully, I had a Phillip's Head Screwdriver to hand and went out the front door and round to the kitchen door and was able to unscrew the bolts on the flap and set him free!

"Phew, thanks Jean! Sorry, I woke you but I was only trying to get out for a much needed pee!"

"That's better, now can you get me out of this contraption!"

It was hooked around him and one leg inside, thankfully, a handy pair of secateurs cut through the flap to free him up completely

This Boy is on diuretics for his cardiac tumour, recently I had been leaving the back door open for him but the past week have had storms and torrential rain! Guess he just did not want to wake me!

Now he just has a big hole in the back door to come in and out of no problem! Hmmm!

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