Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Visit from Berner Bo
November 11th 2006

Bo was diagnosed with B - Cell Lymphoma several months ago and has been receiving chemo. treatment but was on fine form today.
In fact one could say he was feeling very feisty!:-))

"Hey Folks! My Great/Great Uncle Bo has come to visit!" says Pixie.

Pixi, Barney and Bo
L-R Pixie, Barney and Bo

"It's really good to see you again Uncle Bo" says Pixie,
"How are you doing?"
"All the better for seeing you, my dear" says Bo,
"You've grown into such a beautiful young lady"

Pixie and Bo Pixie and Bo
"Thanks Uncle Bo," says Pixie, "You's looking pretty good too!" "Time we got to know each othe better!", says Bo

"I'm not sure quite what is going on here but maybe I like it!" says Pixie

"Or maybe not!, I'm off out of here!"

"Watch out Pixie, he is still behind you!"

Barney and Royce
"Oh, Barney! Bo is 12 yrs old and has cancer
and still manages to embarrass me!"
"Royce, don't worry, he's having a lot of fun,
good to see him in such fine fettle!"
"Bo will never catch her but will surely sleep
well tonight after all this chasing around!"

"Wow, Bo, is doing pretty good for his age I thought I left him behind down the bottom of the garden!"

"Royce, can you get him to leave me alone, maybe it's the meds he's on, he is very amorous today!

"Thanks, Royce. I Love You!"

Jean and Pixie

"Hey, Jean! Did I do OK with Uncle Bo, he's spent all afternoon chasing me around?"

"Miss Pixie, I am proud of you! Bo has had a wonderful time and a chance to feel young at heart again!"

Royce with L-R Bo, Pixie and Barney

Sadly, this was to be Bo's last visit here to Longlease.

He died peacefully in his sleep on December 18th '06 aged 12yrs and 9 mths but lived a full life until the very end!

Bo's Page on the Berner Veteran Angels
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