Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Birthday Berner Bones!

April 13th 2006

What more could a Bernese Mountain Dog wish for on his 8th Birthday than a big, meaty marrow bone?

Berner, Barney, with Birthday Bone

Friend, Charles, arrived with special birthday treats for all the dogs.
Barney made short work of his bone!

Berner, Barney,

"Best part of my birthday!" says Berner, Barney.

Bernese, Pixie Pup

Pixie Pup is up on the bank at the back of the house with her bone!

Bernese Pup, Pixie, with bone and sheep

"No competition here, sheep don't like bones!" says Pixie

Spike and bone

"Is this all mine?" says Spike

Spike and bone

"Birthdays here are fun!"

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