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Pixie gets Broody again!

July 31st '08 - How time flies, all these months later and Miss Pixie is once again feeling maternal. Last time round she carried Baby Pig around with her everywhere and cleaned her and cared for her faithfully!


Then Baby Pig was abandoned on the landing for the last six months!

This morning Pixie woke me up around 6.30am, she jumped up on the bed and was nuzzling up to me and what I can only describe as was trying to tell me something! "What is it, Pixie, show me!" Jumped off the bed and went to fetch Baby Pig who she carried so carefully in her mouth and brought to me to check over and admire the great job she had done on cleaning her up!

"Good Girl, Pixie!" and we all cuddled in the bed until it was time to get up!

Then we did the chores and she brought Baby Pig with us wherever we went and then breakfast and afterwards she snuggled down with her and one of the cats on her cushion downstairs. 10 am and we went for a walk and I managed to persuade her that Baby Pig would be OK cuddled up with Pip the Cat as they were both sleeping, and when we got back I went up into the field at the back of the house where I have been having a major problem with ragwort, a noxious weed that needs to be pulled up and disposed of far away from grazing livestock. I got rid of most of it last week but am doing a daily patrol of the fields and meadows as you don't really see it until it comes into flower!

Well, Pixie came too and we had zig- zagged across the bottom part of this field going up the hill a few times and then she shot off and reappeared with Baby Pig. All well, caring for the new baby! About half an hour later I had reached the top end of the field and pulled up a few new plants and it started to rain quite gently at first and then came on heavy. Pixie was by my side but no Baby Pig! Oh, No! I zigzagged back down the hill in the pouring rain and couldn't see Baby Pig anywhere en route and Pixie was doing this whimpering, poor Baby! Ragwort disposed of, on with the waterproofs and back up that field to search again and all the time Pixie was trying to tell me something! Or as I read it at the time was distressed she had lost her baby! Hmmm! More fool me! When I clumped down the hill and went back in the house to dry off and get a cup of coffeee, Pixie waited a while and then took me gently by the hand and took me back outside to the new den she has been digging under the box hedge outside the kitchen door over the past few weeks. There was Baby Pig all safe and sound and dry and curled up with her was Sooty cat!

Aug. 1st '08 - Pixie, Baby Pig and the cats were all on my bed last night and we all snuggled up but Pixie woke me again early!

6.30 am, let her out and a little while later she reappeared and telling me something! She was cold, wet and dirty but so very pleased with herself. Hmmm!

Where had she been, what had she been doing and where was Baby Pig now?

I threw on some clothes and went out to check, the den from yesterday was empty and no new digging there!

Momma Pixie proudly presents her new den!

Under the hedge next to the balcony so an even safer location and a thicker cover against any rain. Pixie has created an entrance and an exit and dug down about three feet! Seems she is looking this time round for her Baby to have a more natural rearing experience!

Long arm camera inside the den and here's Baby Pig!

Later, and Pixie has brought Baby Pig back inside and we are all off to bed again soon!

Just wondering if Pixie is planning to extend this den with a view that we all move in there!:-))

Will keep you informed, right now Baby Octopus has been getting some attention and may be joining this litter!

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