Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

In Loving Memory of


March 31st 2000 to April 3rd 2008


Socrates was a wonderful dog and we welcomed him as a puppy into our home in 2000, after losing our first Bernese Mountain Dog, Patches, to cancer. We were so happy to have him and he was an amazing gift! Socrates was so playful and happy, and always greeted us at the door when we came home-- wagging his tail so hard it hit the walls, banging loudly. One of the MANY fond memories I have of Socky was in 2007, when he had to get a benign tumor removed from the tip of his tail. Regardless of the sensitivity and huge bandage on his tail, he would get so excited he would wag the bandages right off over and over again! :)

He loved going outside to play, going on walks around the block, and he especially loved the winter when it snowed. We would have to beg for him to stop eating all the snow and come inside! He really thought he could eat it all!

Socky got along with everyone and loved his feline siblings, Baby and Thomas. He was a wonderful dog. He truly loved being with our family and we loved him each and every day. I have missed him so much the past few years, as he is at home in Connecticut and I am attending college in Maryland, but every time I came home he was the first person to greet me at the door!

This Christmas, Socky started acting very differently. He was lethargic and was going to weird places in the house he had never really liked to go. He still enjoyed going outside and if you said the magic word "OUT," he'd come running! We brought him to the vet many times, with no clear diagnosis. Socrates began eating less and less, and with time became more and more lethargic. The vet ran every test possible and we never did find out what caused Socky to be ill. I was fortunate enough to go home for spring break and spend one last week with Socrates. He wouldn't eat or drink, and I would stay up with him late at night trying to feed him everything I could find in the house. Sometimes he would eat some crackers, and that gave me hope that they could figure out what was wrong with him. He had become so skinny it broke my heart.

I went back to school last week and Socky did not get any better. This past Monday, March 31st, he turned 8. However, on Thursday it became apparent that Socrates had to leave us. He was laid to rest that day and I was called at school and given the bad news later that night. Crying hysterically, I could tell my dad had lost his best friend.

I miss him terribly and have had trouble trying to stop crying. I thank him for everything he has given me and my family, and hope that he felt how much we loved him and how hard it was to let him go. There is a definite void in my heart and it will not be the same going home in May without him being there-- as he has always been since I was young.

Rest in Peace Socrates.

With all of our love,

Nina, Michael, Teddy and Dad

"While we all still miss Socrates a lot, my family decided to get a Bernese puppy at the beginning of the summer and he is such a joy!

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