In Loving Memory of


Baker's Taking It To The Max

May 23rd 2000 to March 27th 2008

So dearly loved and missed by Cesar Perez and family

"I am still reeling from our loss. In between the tears and joyful memories I try to seek out the positive. Max's departure brought me back to the Berner-L and it's wonderful community. Even in death, he continues to give so much. Though the loss we are feeling seems unfathomable, the joy that Max gave us is immeasurable and far outweighs our pain. Just waiting for our hearts to realize it. "

Max closeup 7-27-2005

From Herb Baker
"Max was one of a litter of 14 born to our Gal ' Bunny '.. They are Baker Kids no matter where they live, as all our Dogs are forever Baker's, and we grieve yet celebrate their lives as well.. Perhaps the Lord will share with us the reason why they live and die, and it breaks our hearts"

' Take it to the Max ' ~ Max Perez gets final hugs from his Dad. Rest in Peace beloved Child of God.

Max and Dad

We'll be together again !

A Max Story

It was a late weeknight and my wife and I had just picked up the kids from daycare and gotten them some fast food dinner. Trena and I really weren't in the mood for fast food but didn't have much to cook at home either. I'm not sure if you are familiar with Steak-ums (very thin slices of meat that cook in a couple of minutes) but that's what we decided to eat. As the boys were getting settled in and doing their homework, Trena started to cook the Steak-ums while I walked Max. I forgot to bring a baggy with me so I fixed his "spot" in my mind so that I could retrieve his poop later.

When I got back inside, the aroma was an aphrodisiac. Trena handed me a plate with my sandwich on it and she had hers. I don't know if it was because we were both starving, but those sandwiches tasted good. Max was trained early on not to approach the dinner table when we were eating, so he occupied himself with his dog food. I sincerely believe he was watching us, though.

Unfortunately, two very thin slices of meat is not very filling. So I suggested we make more. Trena informed me that there was only enough left for one more sandwich. I offered to split one with her but she graciously declined. So I started to cook one and share it with her anyway (you learn a thing or two after being married for awhile). As I cooked the Steak-ums, I added onions and American cheese. The combined aroma left my mouth drooling with anticipation.

After the Steak-ums were ready, I placed them on toasted bread and topped it off with a slice of tomato. Upon completion of my masterpiece, I placed the sandwich on the plate and cut it in half. I heard Trena open the front door to let our Yorkie Kira out. I didn't want Kira to step in Max's poop so I got a baggie and went outside to collect it. Had I truly thought about it, at only 5 pounds, I don't think Kira could have stepped on Max's poop.

After completing my noble deed, I entered the house. I then experienced what I can only describe as one of those Shirley MacLaine out-of-body experiences. Everything seemed to be unfolding in slow motion, and it was as if I became aware of several things all at once. Max looked at me and immediately dropped his head into that all-too-familiar "I'm guilty" posture. At the same time, I heard the bath water running in the boys upstairs bathroom. I also became aware of Trena crossing the upstairs hallway, walking towards the boys bathroom.

Alarm bells began to ring in my head. Somewhere, in the distant corners of my mind, I could here the robot from Lost in Space saying "Danger Will Robinson, Danger Will Robinson" as it wildly flailed it's arms. Trena wasn't supposed to be upstairs!!! That wasn't part of my plan!!! Who would guard the....

As I dashed into the kitchen, Max moved ever so deftly out of the way. He no longer was looking guilty but seemed to be trying to gauge my up- coming reaction. At only a few months old, he still looked devilish, inquisitive, innocent, and happy all at the same time. Everything seemed to be where I left it....the plate was next to the stove. The carefully folded napkin was still next to the plate. Then knife I used to cut the sandwich in half was still on the plate.....and nothing else. I let out a blood curdling scream....MMMMAAAAAAAXXXXXXXX!!!!!!

Trena came running down the stairs to see what life threatening thing had occurred to inspire such an anguished cry. When I explained what had happened she couldn't stop laughing. And since Max knew mom was laughing, he walked away triumphantly wagging his tail! Mission accomplished! I couldn't help but think that he must have been by my side when I was reading Daisy's lasagna story.

May you be enjoying all the steak you want now, my sweet baby boy.

Ellicott City, MD
In Loving Memory of Max
5-23-2000 to 3-27-2008

Max & Mom

Max (at 19 1/2 wks) & Mom

for more pics of Max go to

Max Forever There

Cesar commisioned this painting of Max, "Forever There" from UK artist Carol Pontin

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