Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

In Loving Memory of

Berner Libby

June 20th 2002 - August 13th 2007


We were searching for answers to what happen to our beautiful 5 year old Berner Libby we when came across your site. She was born on 6-20-02 she died this Monday 8-13-2007. With our hearts broken and with the tears still flowing this all happened so fast. She was very healthy until last Thursday when we noticed her blue eye was turning red. We thought she was getting another allergy where her eyes would runs. We made an appointment for Friday 8-10-07 and by that time she was squinting and the eye was pretty red and we notice she had splotching in the inside of her ears. The vet took a blood test and it showed her platelets at only 2000 she was in serious trouble. The doctors explained what treatment needs to be done they started her on IV steroids and antibiotics on Saturday her platelets were up to 6000 then she took a turn for the worse she started bleeding from her eye, nose and bruising developed all over her stomach like somewhat had kick her repeatedly. Monday we had a consultation with the vets and at that time they told us there wasn't anything else they could do. She was in severe pain even with the pain medication. With my husband at her side our beautiful girl had to be put down. They diagnosed her with Immune mediated thrombocytopenia. We loved this girl and we needed to share her story. I wish it could have been a happy one. We noticed you had Chris & Herb Baker on your site they were co-owners with Bill Hufnagle who bred Libby's parents.

Thank you for your site.

Ken & Christa

For early days with Libby's parents, Lexi and Luther, and her littermates
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