In Loving Memory of

Berner Angel

So much loved and so sadly missed by Gary and Tara Vayianos


"We lost Angel just a few weeks ago.And just a few days after that we dropped our oldest son off for his first year of college. It has been tough for Tara and I, Angel is a tremendous loss for us. Our two sons seem to be handling it much better than us.

Angel was our sweet beautiful baby girl. She was our first Berner I am sure her wonderful traits run in the breed but to us she was a special dog . She loved all, people dogs or any other animal that might want to play. She never could understand a mean growl from another dog it always seemed to baffle her. People were her favorites she loved to meet new ones and was overjoyed to see familiar faces.

When she was at death's door and immobilized in our boy's bunkroom she still managed a hearty tail wag upon seeing two new faces the doctors who came to put her to sleep. Despite the fact that she suffered from nausea and vomiting her last months were filled with all the things she loved to do.All of her days were joyful. I believe it was only the last two that she felt any pain. The chemo did give us 8 more good months together.

17th September 2007

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