Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

In Loving Memory of "AngelBratt"

Britney Mae of Kokanell "Britt"
May 5th 1993 - July 1st 1999.

RIP "Britt" the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Karen Connors lost her beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, "Britt", aka "AngelBratt" to canine malignant histiocytosis last year. We met through the Bernese Mountain Dog Mailing List and shared the good times and the bad times as our beloved friends lost their fight with canine cancer.

Now we share the happy memories and the legacy of friendship that still remains, a real tribute to AngelBratt and my Rainbow Sam.

"I want all of you to know, yesterday went extremely well.... My dear friend Pat, and I took me gurl to the park and walked her, off leash. She saw a squirrel and went like a bat outa hell after it!!! It was almost like her ol self....:'''O) She treed it and was SO HAPPY!!!! She was pretty pooped from that so we took her down by the water and she went in and got her feet wet and lapped up a looooong drink. I saw my vet drive up so we headed for some shade under the tree and sat down. As soon as Britt saw him, she popped up and stuck her head between his legs, like she always did when he'd give her shots in the parking lot at the vet office. So, I had Britt lay down beside me. Britney wasn't afraid, nervous or anything.......just very tired. She melted in my arms as I was whispering into her ear. She was gone, I covered her eye with her ear, took a deep breath from her precious body and ran to my car. I took one last glance back just before we drove out of sight and I saw Dr. Lamb standing there waiting until my car was totally out of his sight...........God Bless that man.........I did hug him before I ran to the car and thanked him for being so kind to both of us. He was crying!! Guess the Booboohead got to him too!!! :''''O( She was so huge to me....just huge!!!! She engulfed my heart, soul, mind and total spirit. I know, I will never be the same without her........ I appologise for not answering posts from all of you dear friends. There are over 200 of them and the longer the list gets........the more I feel I probably won't be able to. (in this lifetime anywho! Ha!) Please, each and every one of you, accept my deepest...no, OUR deepest heartfelt love of thanks. I'm......oh God, how do I say this and with the impact of words that I want to........simply....'I LOVE YOU ALL, for loving Me Gurl, The Booboohead, Angelbrat, Squillyb, etc. I am so amazed that she touched the lives of so many people, she WAS something else!! Know this, That Angelbrat is most likely causing some trouble up there! I just hope they don't kick her big ol butt out!! ;O) Ha!! "Long Live the Booboohead!!" and, ALL OUR LOVE TO YOU!!! Karen and Miss Britney Mae of Kokanell

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