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In Loving Memory of


Dec. 22, 1997 to July 7th 2006

Sadly missed by Cathie Burley



Saying "Goodbye" to Sassy

Sassy was half shih tzu and half lhasa apsa.

Sassy was born on Dec. 22, 1997,We lost her on July 7th 2006.

She fought 2 long years a heart disease degenerative valve disease... The vet said her heart was HUGE......

She lived a full and fun life and up until a few months towards the end we rarely even knew she was sick.

Our Rosie left us 2 years earlier to bladder cancer, after she left.Sassy and her brother Jake became inseperable. Jake is half golden retriever and half black lab.

Sassy was a fun loving girl, always happy. Loved to chase squirrels off her fence.. Her most favorite place was the beach, she loved to run and jump in the waves, but her favorite thing was to chase the shadows of birds in the sand, she would bark and run and bite the sand...

She loved to ride in the car and she knew how to put the car windows down by herself....She would get very upset if we locked them so they couldn't go down....

Her favorite toy was a big overstuffed fuzzy ball and she loved to play catch with me, she would toss it to me and I would toss it back and shed catch it. At the vets office she would go to the toys and pick up a ball, and toss it to the receptionist, everyone in the office would laugh and of course Sassy always came home with a free ball each visit., hehe!

My most favorite memory of her and what I miss the most was in the morning I could feel her breathing on my cheek,I would open 1 eye and she would just wiggle and get soo excited,..Then I would close my eye and she would breath so hard and then growl just a short littel growl.When I would open both eyes, she would race around the bed barking, ready to greet the world, she always looked as if she was smiling.....

She was my clown girl, when Rosie was so sick,Sassy could sense it and she would always do something to try and lift my spirits and Rosies too.

She is missed so much......She touched so many lives.......

Thanks for sharing her life, I miss her so much, Cathie,

Sassy and Rosie

My Three Musketeers
My Three Musketeeers

Sassy and Rosie
Rosie and Sassy

Sassy in deep thought!
Sassy would let me dress her in anything!


Sassy in Spring

Sassy says goodbye
Sassy at the beach her last day.....

Saying Goodbye to her most favourite place in the world

Sassy in the Flowers
Sassy in the Flowers.

So much loved and so sadly missed!

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