In Loving Memory of


Died October 17th 2012
aged 6 yrs

Much loved and now so sadly mssed by Bob and Jeanette Burke

Diagnosed with osteosarcoma January 2012

Barkley's cancer was discovered in January 2012 when we noticed a lump on his front leg at the wrist. A leg x-ray showed bone loss and inflammation. A chest x-ray looked clear. At that time the vets ( my vet and a cancer specialist ) said that he likely had 3 to 6 months of life remaining. They offered amputation, chemo and radiation as treatments, which would be expected to extend his life expectancy by 6 to 12 months, which I verified via various web sites. When we got Barkley the previous owners said he was two years old but couldn't or wouldn't produce any paperwork on him, so it is quite possible that he is older than we think he is. He was at least 6 years old; two or more with them, four with us. I concluded that amputation would be very traumatic for him and me, and being retired I really can't afford thousands of dollars for treatments. In January, except for the lump at the wrist, he was doing just fine. He continued to do fine until about May when he started to limp. The vet put him on Rhymidal and Tramadol for pain. He continued to do fine, limping slightly until about August when the limp got serious. Considering that he was said to have a max of six months left, he was doing well.

Barkley loved a belly scratch.

He also loved having me rub him with the hose and round brush of the vacuum cleaner, with the cleaner running!

In Loving Memory of

8/26/95 - 7/20/06

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