Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

In Loving Memory of

Santera Albert Einstein
(Bert or Mr. B)

February 4th 2002 to March 12th 2006

B-G Dog ID = 86626

Bert and Jacob, November 2005

"We are heartbroken at the sudden loss of Mr. B. Bert was beautiful inside and out. He was a loving, fun and charismatic being. When we lived in Fells Point, Baltimore he was known by many more people in the neighborhood than every one else in the family. He would stride down Thames Street and be stopped every few minutes by admiring neighbors and strangers. Bert was such a presence that we referred to him as the “mayor” of Fells Point.

Mr. B. was a real love: he loved almost every person and every animal he met (including cats, mice and a couple of cows); that love was returned in abundance (except on the part of a few of the cats). Above all, he loved his family and we loved him. He was an essential member of our family. We included him in our holidays, outings and extended family gatherings. We took Bert with us everywhere from Martha’s Vineyard to Saint Michaels, from New York City to Rehoboth Beach. On the rare occasion that we could not take him with us, when we returned he would run to greet us with his helicopter wag, his body lean and his enthusiastic whoo, whoo, whoo. His loss leaves a huge hole in our hearts. While his life was too short, it was filled with hours of playing and nuzzling with humans and dogs alike. He presided over a lot of life and was the older brother to two boys. He was the finest of souls.

We miss you B. and you will always be in our hearts.

Josh, Lee, Jacob and Asher Hare

Berner Puppy
Berner Puppy, Bert

Tragically Bert was lost to Bloat which is quite common in large chested dogs such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Saint Bernards, Newfies and GSD's

To find out more about Bloat
<click here>

In Loving Memory of

12/24/05 - 6/24/12
He was a loyal and very sweet soul,
and left us all too soon.
Truly a very special being
Lee Cohen Hare
and family

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