In Loving Memory of

Bernese Mountain Dog

"Mikki a.k.a. Doodle"

July 4, 1991---August 22, 2003

We are saddened to announce the passing on of our beloved grand dame, Mikki. Mikki was a twelve year old puppy, still mischievious and opinionated (and not afraid to state her opinions!). Mikki never met a person she didn't like, nor a situation that she wouldn't dive right in to. Like her mom, Troy and her sister Heidi; Mikki was a great ambassador for our breed.

Mikki got her AKC name, "Twas Fate", because she literally brought Herb & I together, those 12 yrs. ago. Herb was a client, he purchased Mikki from me . Through her we became friends and have now been married for 7 years.

Until her last week, Mikki was never an old dog; showing in Veterans class & celebrating her 12th birthday at the Helderberg picnic.

Though we miss her terribly, we are unbelievably grateful for those 12 wonderful years & all the life she brought to the house.

Bye, Doodle!

Chris & Herb Baker

Veteran Bernese Mikki
Mikki the Red Sox Fan

Bernese Doodle with Dad
My best friend for more than twelve years

Berner Mikki and fox the cat
Bernese Mikki with Fox the cat

Bernese Mountain Dog on TV.
Bernese Mountain Dog on TV.

Berner on the bed
"I like this hotel! Room Service a juicy knuckle bone, please!"

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Mikki's 12th Birthday Party at the Helderberg Picnic

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