In Loving Memory of


March 20th 2004 to March 14th 2011

So sadly missed by Blair Turrentine and family

Tori was such a special gift. She was a bouncing bundle of enthusiasm from our first meeting. She loved to explore and meet and greet new people and things. No one could resist coming up to her so she was the perfect "Ambassador" for Colonial Williamsburg. When she visited the sick and elderly every week, her ever present smile just uplifted their day. We had patients who never spoke or interacted with other except when Tori visited and then they would pet her and tell us about the dog they used to have. She was magical. At the dog park here -- one of her favorite places to go -- she was the park "beta" dog. Tori would usually "hold court" up on the high point in the park under the trees and watch all the dogs tussling with each other. Whenever games were getting too rough or one dog was getting picked on too much, Tori would rise up and slowly walk right into the middle of the fracas to stand beside the dog being picked on that day. All the other dogs would immediately back off and calm down. She never growled or grumbled. She just stood beside and stood up for the dog being bullied. She loved the snow and the rain and would sit for hours in the back under a bush watching the rabbits and the hawks, the turtles and the deer crossing the property. She loved us. She was our joy. She is so terribly missed.

Tori's Memorial Tribute

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