In Loving Memory of


CH Adesa's Never Ending Rythm

November 30th 2004 to August 18th 2011

B-G Dog ID = 25708

So sadly missed by Carol and David Westaway

Never ending is unfortunately wishful thinking; the music has played its final beat for Tempo.

She's gone to join her buddy Flash at the Rainbow Bridge. Tempo was always our "pushy bitch" and for once that's used in the best of thoughts. Tempo was the center of attention and enjoyed being there.

She was not only a great show dog, although her career was cut short because of elbow X-rays ( which she never read, her elbows never caused her any issues – we should know from the number of times she jumped the fence), but she was a great draft dog and an excellent obedience dog when the mood suited her.

Tempo was our hunter, she managed to kill two raccoons and a rabbit in our backyard (OK she may have had a little help with the raccoons from Flash, but it's our bet she started it) and the rabbit was all hers. The look on her face when she presented it to Carol (and for that matter the look on Carol's) was priceless!

Tempo finally succumbed to a tumor of lymphoid origin, although the vets – and they were specialists- could never quite identify what it was. Nevertheless the tumor was interfering with her breathing and making life miserable, so we let her go join her buddy.

Please join us in wishing Tempo happy romping with Flash at the bridge; we'll see her again someday.

Flash L and Tempo R Drafting!

Puppy Tempo in the cart pulled by Tobie and Flash

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