In Loving Memory of


the Kitty with the Heart of a Berner

Died May 23rd 2012

Sadly missed by Diana, Tesoro & Rambo

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I write of having to release my kitty Shane's spirit on May 23rd. I know he will be met by many a Berner on the other side. Shane was with me for over 13 feels so strange for him not to greet me at the door when I come in.

Both Shane and his sister, Rambo, came from a friend's ranch in Nevada and were dubbed the Cowboy Kitties. He was my little Cowboy...and Rambo, well, she's one tough gal, but she really misses her brother.

As a little tyke, Shane did all the kitty sillinesses, suffered thru the wet head from Cooper licking him all the time and ran around like a little buckaroo. Shane learned from Cooper how to properly behave with dogs, but most importantly he learned how to love them. Cuddling up, licking their nose, Shane would welcome every Berner into our home. He truly loved his Berners. In his life, he would teach 3 more puppies...Fidelio, Donato and Tesoro how to properly behave and love a kitty.

Shane moved with me five times, climbed to the top of many a huge tree scaring me to death, chewed bones with Fidelio, lovingly gave doggie massages and was a poster pet for the Animal Care Center.

Shane and Rambo got me thru the toughest of tough times when we lost Cooper and Fidelio. And the worst of times when we lost little Donato. Shane, bless his heart really showed he was a kitty with the heart of a Berner. He even let me hook him up to a cart for our Christmas card that year.

Life without Shane is quite an adjustment. Rambo cuddled up with him every night for her entire she's become very clingy to me at night now. Tesoro doesn't quite know what has happened. He keeps bonking Shane's collar that I have on my wrist with his nose and whining. When he attempts to play with Rambo the way he did with Shane...well, if you know Rambo, you know that's not working. But in time, maybe they're relationship will grow. And me...I miss that sweet little face and the tiniest of meows from my big Cowboy Kitty.

Here is a link to a video of Shane's life...I know it's a tad long, but I want to remember it all. When I drove away from the vet office last Wednesday, I looked up and asked Shane, "Are you okay?" And just then, Somewhere Over the Rainbow started to play.....

Please raise a glass and toast a most amazing kitty.

Diana, Tesoro & Rambo....and our spirit friends, Diablo, Cooper, Fidelio, Donato & Shane

In Loving Memory of

Fidelio Donato

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