In Loving Memory of


Bear Mountain's Hershey's Swiss Kisser

May 15th 2010 to July 26th 2012

B-G Dog ID = 76979

Denise, Tim and Lulu 8 mos, missing our Romeo more than words can say

We are in shock and devastated over the sudden passing of our dear, sweet Romeo last Thursday.

We went to work in the morning and he was fine, then Tim returned home at lunch 5 hours later and found him dead out in the yard.

We checked a spot off trail from his walk in the morning where Tim had seen him hanging around and discovered eaten caps and lots of disturbed mushrooms. He died from apparent ingestion of Death caps. It looked like he ate several. We keep our yard clear of mushrooms, picked daily. He died about 5-6 hours after eating them.

I just can't believe it, so healthy, full of life and love, now gone.. Everyone loved him, a very sweet boy with so much more of life to live, I just can't stop crying. Little Lulu is at a loss without her best buddy, she keeps looking for him in the yard and house. She is my little shadow.

Romeo on the left, Lulu at 7 mos on right

Romeo Taylor, so vey sadly missed!

For more information about Death Cap and other poisonous mushrooms

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