In Loving Memory of


Eaglecap's York

June 30th 2003 to February 23rd 2012

B-G DOG ID = 23745

Sadly missed but always in our hearts, Stephanie, Larry Miller and family

Einstein aged 8 yrs

Einstein – The King of Gooberland

What does one say about a very best friend whose mere existence saved your life. Einstein first came into my life during a very dark time for me. He so enriched my life that I couldn't even begin to imagine my life without him from the day I brought him home. He was the perfect little fluff ball of love.

I got him specifically because I went back to school and because of my arthritis was having trouble carting my books around. I needed a service dog. He attended his first class, I believe it was a literature class, when he was 4 months old. I brought a booda chip for him to chew on to keep him busy. What I didn't realize until it was too late was that his little sharp teeth on that hard material would make a very noticeable squeaky noise. Very chagrined I asked my professor if he wanted me to take it a way and he just chuckled and said to let him finish it. That pretty much defined Einstein, even when he was being a disruption he still got a laugh.

For almost 9 wonderful years he helped me by carrying books and groceries, and just keeping me sane. He even carried some luggage on-board an airplane a few times. And, boy did he always charm the flight crew. Though it did make security a little more of a hassle.

About 18 months ago I moved down to Ashland and away from my father, Einstein's grandpa. He missed him horribly and I was worried that he would be unhappy because my dad would no longer be able to take him on many wonderful adventures. I'm sure he missed those but he found a new community here. As camp ground host I spend a lot of time walking around the property. Einstein was always with me and naturally became the camp mascot. Of course Einstein had his favorites but everyone was always fawning over him. Naturally he lapped it up – pun intended. He loved this place and chose to die in a very meaningful place. Whenever I had business in the office I would park him next to the front door where he could delight residents and visitors a like. He would sit/lay quietly, sometimes for hours, waiting for me. Not always patiently though. Most times I would go to the door to check up on him and there he would be standing right in front of the door looking hopefully in.

The night he died I was in the office and he was in his usual place. When I came out I found him lying in the grass – he always used to lay on the cement. He didn't look right but I called for him. He lifted his head, but couldn't get up. Within a few minutes he was dead, surrounded by friends. The next day the entire park turned out for his burial, and the office staff gave up their tip jar for a week to raise donations to pay for his memorial tree. I chose Walnut in honor of the 1 1/2 pound bag of walnuts he devoured that were supposed to be for my Christmas fudge. Einstein was a very special dog and will never be forgotten by anyone he touched.

I was truly blessed to have him in my life and miss him terribly.

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