In Loving Memory of


What's Brewin

October 3rd 2000 to August 22nd 2010

B-G Dog ID = 18300

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Paul and Pat Long

Pat and Brew

Brew always tried so very hard. He always tried so hard to be a good boy. But life got to be too much for him, and today he is running free and easy once more, but he's doing it at the Rainbow Bridge.

He was a biter. If anyone asks you how important temperament is, it's every bit as important as any health issue. Temperament cut short Brew's life. His body was failing, but without being able to help him safely, it was time to make an extremely hard and very painful decision.

He came to me nearly 7 years ago. He had been given up for biting, and he had his hot button issues. We were able to work around them, but he was a strong headed boy who know what he liked - and more importantly what he didn't like. Most people who knew him were shocked to learn that he was a biter, he was normally so sweet. He was the world's best hugger.

He could run like the wind, although the foxes and deer and rabbits and squirrels all just laughed at him. Apparently a fast Berner still isn't that terribly fast. But Brew would sit still in the yard for hours watching the birds - the robins would come to within just a few feet of him to find worms, and Brew would just sit there transfixed.

Brew was my passive aggressive boy, I could sit on the floor and he would come over and walk into me until I was flat on my back and he was lying on top of me. Do you have any idea how hard it is to laugh when 110 pounds of Berner is perfectly content to stay on your chest?

Brew taught me so many things. He taught me my limitations, and he taught me how easy it can be to cope with life's vicissitudes. He began to be incontinent three years ago, and for the last year I've had to help him with functions that I frankly had always taken for granted. But we managed, and it worked out well. He seemed happy for the assistance.

He could be such a clown. I had a guest stay overnight, and I was surprised when she asked me if I had opened the door to her room and come in and removed one of her undergarments from her suitcase and deposited it in the middle of the floor. She knew, of course, that it was highly unlikely that I was in the habit of doing this, and we both knew, of course, that Brew enjoyed working the lever door knobs.

Or the time another friend was staying over to have her dog receive some treatments at U of Penn. We did portrait photos, and she wrote a check to Berner-Garde as a donation. She may have left the check on the washstand in her bedroom, but I believe that I picked it up in the back yard a few days later.

Brew always liked when we had guests stay over. He would quietly ease into their bedroom and sleep alongside the bed. I don't know if he was being protective, or simply wanted to be there in case they woke up during the night and desperately needed a Berner to pet.

Rest in peace, baby boy, and forgive me all my many mistakes...

Pat Long, Berwyn PA

For more pics of Brew im early happy days

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