In Loving Memory of


June 2006 to Aug 2012

Rest in Peace

Dear friends,

This may be the first that we have told some of you (friends in LA, Singapore who have known him) that Ben went wandering last Tuesday PM, and had not returned, whether because this is a new neighborhood and had gotten lost, was trying to track his way back to Thornton Ridge, or because he misses Marie so (and he did) and was tracking her to Stockholm. In any case Auguste been pouring days into the search, plastering every available telephone pole for several miles in either direction from home with Ben’s lovely mugshot; a “Dog-finding-dog” bloodhound tracked him to Garrison Forest school area, and he was spotted by a neighbor on a main road area once last Wednesday but not since. We were on the verge of reaching out to “dog psychics” on Monday but I was called by a neighbor that Ben has been found, not so very far away, in repose (shelter? Hiding?) under some bushes on a nearby horse farm. It is unclear what had happened: hit by a car? Wounded by varmints (although he is pretty large, albeit gentle)? Or somehow ill and have wandered off?

Anyway it is all too sad, but perhaps a relief to know of his fate and being able to locate him. Our neighbor (who owns the farm) is very kind and has allowed him to be interred where he fell.

Through all this, friends and strangers (a driver stopped her car when she saw Auguste putting up posters and offered to take some flyers and I have seen them posted as far down as Greenspring / Greenspring Valley) and neighbors whom we had not known or met have all reached out with support.

We’ll all remember Ben of happier times, resting with crossed paws or splayed upon the ground like a seal, ever patient and tolerant of Oskar the Krazy Kat (who has very much mellowed or too is in mourning and missing Ben) and Fudge the bunny, with whom he has joined in pet heaven.


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