In Loving Memory of


Died December 24th 2008 aged 3 yrs 11 mths

B-G Dog ID = 62554

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Chris Crowe Delapp

I never wanted to be the one to write one of these posts. I did learn by joining berner-l group that I didn't have

the only amazing Berner in the whole world. I learned that others had incredible bonds with their Berners like I did. I have found so much comfort and support from this group during this difficult time.

My boy Jasper would have been 4 years old next month.

I never thought during his work up and diagnosis that he would ever have cancer. Yes, of course I knew Berners get cancer, I was talked out of getting one over 10 years ago.

Then almost 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Melanoma. I had a rough time with the diagnosis and procedures. I wanted a Berner my whole life so once I was safe, told I was safe to enjoy my life, I did!

Jasper came to me March of 2005. He was the best therapy for anyone dealing with depression. He helped me to live again. He showed me how exciting I was! I never knew I was so exciting, just opening my eyes in the morning was reason to celebrate to Jasper. He found everything I did exciting. He made every moment I owned him the best moments of my life. He had a big swiss cross on his chest, I would give it a rub and say thanks to God every night for me and Jasper.

He was my angel on earth.
He is a part of my heart and my soul.
He was diagnosed on Monday with Cervical spine cancer.
He had it in his bone, spinal canal and mininges.

He did't seem to be in much pain so we were going to start chemo today. However I was told that this kind of cancer was very aggressive and very painful. Tuesday into Wednesday he started crying even with two pain medications. I knew when I saw him I had to do what's best for Jasper. It was someone here on Berner L that asked me, who was I doing the chemo for? It kept repeating in my head that night.

On Christmas eve I had to give him the gift of peace. I could not let him suffer when he brought me nothing but joy, love and happiness. Letting him go is the hardest thing I have ever done. I could never be able to explain all the words to descibe my boy. He was the sweetest 124 pound lap dog, he loved me unconditionally, a love I have never known. He had the most gorgeous pair of brown eyes. I appreciate everyones time and support during this horrible rollar coaster ride of a diagnosis.

Chris with Scarlett and Stitch
Jasper forever in my heart

In Loving Memory of

Christine's Scarlett

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