In Loving Memory of


Mt. Visions Cooper's Fidelio

July 30th 2000 to September 15th 2009

Berner Garde Database ID = 18787

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Diana Gerba


It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write. On Sept. 15th I released Fidelio¹s spirit to bound over the Rainbow Bridge. With his magnificent fuzzles flying I¹m sure there were many good furry pals, relatives and human friends to welcome him home.

Fidelio embraced life with gusto. Here was a Berner boy, who did a myriad of un-Bernerlike things. He¹d fetch toys for hours, love to lie in the sun, and perform tricks on a dime. He¹d play the piano, open and close drawers, and leap and bound like a cat. Here was a boy Berner who even out swam the Newfies, for Fidelio¹s greatest pleasure was diving into a pool and swimming for hours on end...just like his Dad.

And yet, Fidelio was a Berner through and through a gentleman, whether at home, poolside, or out on the town. He happily pulled his cart in over 25 parades, achieved three draft titles, was honored to be on the BernerL homepage over 14 times and loved doing therapy visits with seniors and children. He loved making people happy and that included me. He had a great sense of humor and put up with countless Halloween costumes, hats, headpieces, sunglasses, and wings.

My Fidelio, was truly one of kind. Some think it is us humans who teach animals. But, I think they¹ve got it wrong. We teach each other and Fidelio taught me the 'Way of the Dog'. He taught me to live in the moment, to love unconditionally and to trust those you truly love. The connection we had was almost beyond comprehension. The relationship, so quiet and yet so pure. I will cherish him forever.

I¹d like to thank all of you who over the years cheered us on at draft tests and shared in all the good times. The parades, potluck, carting practices hikes and many a Stanford walk and also a special appreciation of all of you who supported us during the hard times...especially these final days. Fidelio loved his friends. We thank you for being part of our lives.

Nine years seems way too short a time but I¹m grateful for every minute I shared with him. Fidelio means faithful in Italian and he embodied that definition to a "T". He will forever be a part of my life. Please, raise a glass tonight and toast to Fidelio, one very distinguished Bernese Mountain Dog.

Hug your dogs.....

Diana and Fidelio, my spirit dog

Fidelio, the Big Leap!

Dear Friends,

The support from my friends and the Berner Community has been incredible. I've received over 250 emails, countless cards and phone calls, and just an amazing outpouring of love. I've tried to reply to everyone, but the task is huge and to be honest my brain is a bit dim. Grieving for my boy I know is a process that's hard and slow.

Many have asked what happened. Fidelio had Histio and he went in 3 weeks, which for him was the way to go. As you all know Fidelio was about life and living it to it's fullest. He was not a lingerer and a long illness was not his style. His last day friends came to see him, he lazed in the swimming pool and slept in his/my bed.

One of his last jobs was to help his breed. We donated blood, DNA and tumor tissue to the BernerGarde Depository at MSU. Fidelio will also be part of the new Histio Survey that is being done by the Malignant Histiocytosis Therapeutics Action Task Force.

Others have asked where I would like a donation sent in Fidelio's honor. It took awhile for me to even process that one and think where a donation would be effective. Knowing Fidelio's love of life....the most fitting is give another Berner a second chance at having a loving full life like Fidelio's. (Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Northern California, Memo check: Rescue Fund in Memory of Fidelio, P.O. Box 580, MiWuk Village, CA 95346)

Again, I can't thank you all enough for your support. I never thought I'd be where I am now...somehow I thought Fidelio had years more to go with me. I had meant to post these two movies to YouTube and share them with everyone and somehow I never got to it....but luckily I made the memories with my boy. So please, don't put off making memories with your dogs. Hug them...hug them now.

Here are the movies. (The first part of the Big Chew was shot as a commercial for a friend's company....Fidelio was spoiled, but not that spoiled. He doesn't chew his bones where he does in the movie....)


Diana Gerba and my Spirit Dog, Fidelio

So many wonderful memories of Fidelio.
Click on the thumbnails to see these beautiful photos of a very special Berner.

Diana and Fidelio

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