In Loving Memory of


Deerpark Fidelio's Donato

February 22nd 2010 to August 17th 2010

B-G Dog ID = 72589

Proudly owned and now so very sadly missed by Diana Gerba

Dear friends, I cannot believe I am having to write this. On August 17th my little Donato's spirit crossed over the Rainbow Bridge with his silver fuzzles flying. I'm sure that Fidelio was there to welcome him home. We were celebrating a summer day at another Berner friend's house and Donato ate a mushroom unbeknownst to us. Even with the valiant efforts of a team of incredible vets, vet techs and friends, he left us.

My heart is broken.Donato was barely six months old. In the four months that he was with me we packed in what will have to be a lifetime of memories. He ran on the beach at the ocean, saw the Sierras and Yosemite, shopped at Nordstrums and Bloomingdales, rode a gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain to see the snow, met goats, llamas, birds, horses and ponies. At four months old he jauntily rode in a cart pulled by his Berner friend, Ursa, at the July 4th Parade. He wowed the crowd as they went down the street. Donning his sparkling western saddle at the August Fiesta Parade he proudly walked the route strutting his stuff with true Berner dignity.

A special boy, Donato was a silver tipped puppy, a rarity in our breed. With his tail always wagging, he had boundless enthusiasm for life. He was a happy little chap and was my joy. He loved me and I him. We were a team ordained by the stars.

Little D was such an incredibly good puppy. Right from the start Donato slept thru the night. We made it thru teething with nothing destroyed. Smart as a whip,Donato started learning tricks when he was but 9 weeks old. He could spin and twirl, shake your hand, and give you the high five. He loved helping in the kitchen...closing cabinets and drawers and bowing to say thank you. He did out of sight stays and would run by his food dish to do a front and finish. He was my amazing little dude always watching, learning and taking it all in. At times I wondered if Fidelio had a hand in bringing this little boy to me and if the big guy's spirit was hanging around helping Donato learn the ropes.

Donato and I had plans on going oh, so very far. The dude had brains, structure, good looks and such an incredible temperament. In public, he was a little gentleman. He amazed people in stores and shops respectfully greeting them and quietly doing a down stay while I shopped and took pictures of him. He was the greatest of puppy ambassadors for our breed. His website shows but some of our adventures.

Take a peek at his last big week and browse thru what was a superb life cut way too short.

I know there is no way I will ever understand this. There is no answer to the question "Why?". Donato taught me to have confidence and to find joy in teaching dogs. But more importantly he taught me I could be happy again when I didn't think I could after I lost Fidelio. Donato showed me I was wrong. He has taught me you have to keep your heart open to love again.

Donato's name means 'gift' in Italian and he certainly was the most beautiful gift I have ever received in my life. He was born the day after my birthday. I so looked forward to celebrating our birthdays together for years to come, but that is not meant to be. I thank Denise Dean, Judy Sharkey and Jon Ferral for this precious little soul. In his short life Donato has touched the lives of many people. He will be sorely missed. I only wish our journey had been longer. I will miss him sweet little silver chinchilla.

Please raise a glass and toast a most amazing little puppy.

To Donato, my boy may your spirit live on.

Diana and my spirit dogs, Donato and Fidelio

Donato's Mushroom Flyer

How to recognise the Death Cap Mushroom
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