In Loving Memory of


Died October 3rd 2009 aged 10 yrs.

So much loved and now so very sorely missed by Ceri and John Peacey

Chico was also loved and will be fondly remembered by Shirley - his first mom

Chico was an amazing dog! The dog who chased airborn ravens into the back woods, where he ran into a mother bear and cub and disappeared in the woods for two weeks. Miraculously we got him back against all odds. With arthritic hips he travelled many miles through difficult terrain. Crazy optimism and an unending campaign of posters got him back.

Chico was adopted by us just over 4 years ago. He was 6 at the time. He served as "air traffic control" for ravens and helicopters who, unauthorized, entered our airspace. He was a tomato and brocolli and berry loving dog always jeopardizing our crops. He loved to kiss people and boss them around.

On Thursday he developed serious symptoms of pancreatitis and suffered serious complications which resulted in being escorted to the Rainbow Bridge Saturday Night October 3rd. He was adopted to take the place of our Chip who died with cancer and is survived by Rocky who has cancer but is apparently indestructable and Kitty who rules the world. He lies between DJ, my first Sheltie, and Chip our matchmaker dog, in the field they loved to run in.

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