In Loving Memory of

Beamer and Cooper

Both went to the Bridge on March 13th 2010

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Julie and Michael Ross

Beamer Cooper

Zanzeburn Beamer
August 27th 2004 to
March 13th 2010

Saturday evening around 6.45pm
B-G Dog ID= 66528

Died March 13th 2010

Saturday evening around 7.00pm

I am struggling to type this BUT I feel I must write this to HONOUR our two SPECIAL BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday evening our two Beautiful Boys went to Heaven. As I type this I can hardly see through my tears.... I can hardly breathe and it HURTS SO BADLY! To have to say Farewell to one of your children is bad enough BUT to have to SAY Farewell to two is just toooo much! I called them Children because that is what they are to us. Our lives will NEVER be the same!!!!!!!!! I don't know how we will go on with out them.

BEAMER was and ALWAYS will be the LOVE OF OUR LIFE, THE AIR WE BREATHE and to us he was our EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a Magestic and Wonderful Dog Beamer was, he was truly the KING! Beamer was so unique, he was so like a human and boy was he the most intelligent dog! To us BEAMER WAS THE BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!!! Beamer had such grace and presence in the ring.... he would float around the ring like he was on a cloud. He was such a BIG and HANDSOME Boy! When ever we were at a show or just taking BEAMER for a walk, people would tell us he was the prettiest Dog they had ever seen and he truly was!!!!!

Our BEAUTIFUL COOPER, our Saint Bernard left us the same day and people who know me personally, would know how long I have waited for another Saint because of the loss of my BANFF. I will LOVE Cooper Forever, he was the sweetest natured boy and was so Handsome. His life was so short but I will never forget him!

It might sound silly to some but I wrote a letter to them, one each.

I will share with you all, the letters I wrote for our Sons BEAMER and COOPER, our Darling, Darling Boys!

Rest in peace our babies!!!!!

Julie and Michael Ross
South Australia

Beamer Cooper

A Letter to Beamer
and more pics of this boy
<click here>

A Letter to Cooper
and more pics of this boy
<click here>

Beamer and Cooper
Together until the very end!

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