In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


the Perfect Bernese Lady!

Troy in the water!

We got Troy, my second Berner, from Bev Burney, almost 13 yrs ago, we were blessed to have her for 12 years. In 12 years, Troy never had a "bad day", her disposition was pure sunshine. Troy never met a stranger, only people who needed hugs. Troy worked as a Therapy Dog, got her Championship, & was a perfect ambassador for Berners. She was healthy, happy, and had great conformation, she LOVED dog shows & thought they were run, just for her adoring public, a total show-off. She was bred 4 times, had 3 litters And was a great mom. She ran our house, but was a benevolent dictator. We called her the Rodney Dangerfield of dogs, cause she'd growl at puppies, sounding ferocious, while they happily went about using her as a chew toy! Her only bad habit was a totally Berner one---eating odd things! Once, a dishtowel, which my vet ended up removing. Otherwise, she was a total lady. So, she became our foundation bitch and boy, are we reaping the benefits. We now have 6 generations of her descendents, and are thrilled with them. She passed on her health & sweet disposition. It was incredibly hard to lose her, but we "see" her , in her progeny, daily & that helps. As a matter of fact, her "oldest" pups are now geriatric, themselves, & some of them are so much like her, that it makes me cry. Troy was the consumate show dog, being a show off, and some of her progeny are exactly the same way (Lance, Mikki, Bearon, etc). So, she was a great dog, to learn from, in many ways. Anyway, I couldn't resist talking about our grand-dam. We love ALL our Berners, but Troy was extra special, I "look" for her in every litter we whelp. The ultimate compliment a dog can get from me is "you remind me of Troy".

If you want to see more of her , check out our web-site,

Bakers Bernese Blessings

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