RIP Ollie!

20th April '02 With much sadness I have to report that Robin just phoned me and Ollie slipped over the Bridge tonight. He had been suddenly taken ill this morning and Robin had taken him in to vet and left him there on drips expecting to see him in the morning.

So unexpected, so sudden, we are all so shocked!
He was a young dog!

21st April, Robin just phoned again, he had been in to the vet this morning and without autopsy seems that Ollie had brain tumour that had taken over and the Boy just slipped away.

Since then he has been buried alongside Robin's other pal, Brandy
<Brandy's tail>

Find Ollie's story below, prayers for Robin, this is double loss for him in just over a year!


Rainbow Bridge

PetLoss Grief Support Website

My name is Oliver and I'm a 6 year old German Shepherd dog. I'm not quite a pedigree of the breed as my legs aren't quite long enough, I'm about 1-2" short and my ears are a little wide on my head. But I have lovely GSD markings,black and dark tan and I look quite a handsome dog, so I'm now told. Although it was not always like this. I used to live with a family in E. Manchester but they were neglecting me, they had new babies in the house along with two other young children and I was let out very early in the morning to look after myself. I used to lie with my back against the wall for shelter against the wind and rain, snooze the day away,and make my own little walks. I had to beg my food from neighbours who were kind enough to leave me something on their doorsteps. Then in February a man, who I had seen walk past a few times, stopped to look at me, talk to me,and check to see I was alright. He made a fuss of me and he looked at me and said that I was a good dog and deserved better. I looked into his eyes and could see, as only dog's can see, that he was very sad. His canine companion had recently died and his heart was broken. I let him stroke me as I know that doing this makes human's feel better. Then, after that, each day he would find me and give me something to eat and stroke and fuss me. This happened each day for over a month until one day, March 26th, he called and slipped a lead around my neck, called at my house and said he was taking me to his home. My family were pleased because they couldn't look after me as they ought. So I became Robin's new pal and companion and set about mending his broken heart. I know I can never be his "Brandy" but I'll be his Oliver. My name was Solomon, but no one ever bothered to use my name, and so Oliver, or Ollie, I have become. My life is so much better now. I stay indoors when the weather isn't good, or out in the back garden when the weather is fine .I get taken for lots of long walks, along the canal or around the park. I have some new doggy friends but best of all I get my food, in a bowl each day and there's always fresh water for me and lots of doggy treats. I get to sleep on my own rugs inside the house and not on the cold floor of a yard. But the best thing is that I have a human pal who is always there for me, strokes me, fusses me, brushes me and cares for me.

RIP Ollie Dog, you had the greatest care and attention for the last year of your life!

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