RIP Perry!

25th May 1985 - 3rd April 2002...

Braveheart Perry was laid to rest today alongside his pals Tinka, Prudence and Samson who he knew so well when he came here to visit when we were all so much younger! My neighbour's son, Leo, came over this morning and helped me dig the grave. Louise, my vet, came over when we were ready and it was done with much dignity as befitting the Grand Old Man. The past few months caring for Perry have been very hard, we have had much joy from the strength of his character and hope that in his few lucid moments he has known how much we loved and cared for him but it has been so distressing at times. Liz, his owners' daughter, came at the weekend and said her goodbye and tonight he is finally at peace!

Sweet dreams Perry! The apple tree above your resting place is about to burst into bloom and you are running free again!

All Love, Jean, Sunny, Simmy and the Gang
as for Rainbow Sam and his Gang, last night we had the most spectacular storm and what do you know, double rainbows across the horizon today! Guess it was a good day to cross that Bridge!

Perry, Christmas 2000.

And two pics of a younger Perry.

A young Perry.

Young Perry.

Perry's stay with the Gang.

24th Jan. 2002.......... Perry, terrier X, came to stay, Cousin Liz brought him here last weekend as her Mum, Pat, had been taken into hospital and Dad, Peter, is in care in a nursing home. He was almost seventeen, very deaf and had eyesight problems, spent the first day indoors trying to walk over Sunny who wasn't too pleased.

During the few months he was with us, he won our hearts. Simmy will really miss his little pal, they spent much time together and Sim was so caring of him.

Perry and my two BMD's go for a walk

"Oh, stuck in the mud, Perry? Hang on, I'll just give you a little gentle lift!"

Bernese Mountain Dogs are so caring!

"OK now, Perry? Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye on you!"

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THE OLD DOG by Joyce Stranger

I remember sounds, and hoots and calls and whistles
And the gentle voice that praised me and taught me how to play.
I remember dog shows and the din of claps and laughter
And the soft commands she spoke to me to help me on my way.

It's strange those lips are silent, although I see them moving
As if that mouth were speaking still, but what I cannot hear.
The world is quiet, the wind moves, yet I cannot hear it shrieking.
The silent world about me has become a place to fear.

But she is still beside me, her soft hands stroke me gently,
They also give me signals and those I understand.
I creep up to her closely and lean against her, loving,
Because the only comfort is in that caressing hand.

The bond we forged between us, when I was just a puppy,
Has taught me I can trust her, and though I now am old,
She loves me still and needs me, and when I come for stroking,
I know her hands will speak to me, and the world is much less cold.

I can't understand the silence; I don't hear any barking.
Although I bark myself, it falls on Quiet air.
This strange world I was born in, is full of silent people
Who cannot understand me and who do not seem to care.

Once I was a puppy and people stroked and loved me
Now they see me coming, and cross the busy road.
I have to bear the silence, and how I miss their friendship.
But her loving hands caress me and help me bear this load.

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